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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error In Windows 10

How To Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error In Windows 10

A few Windows 10 users and some Windows 8 users have reported a mistake between Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library. When Windows Explorer is started, a runtime error occured randomly. This problem results from a faulty Visual C++ Runtime Library or specific applications that use the Runtime. To repair this problem, we will reinstall Visual C++ Runtime, run Windows upgrades, root out the offender applications.


This matter can be carried over to Windows 10 Creators Update and several users will also be receiving the runtime errors on the Creators Update variant of Windows 10.

Repair Corrupt System Files

Download and operate Reimage Plus to scan for corrupted files out of here, if documents have been found to be corrupted and missing fix them and check whether it fixes the problem, or even proceed with Solutions listed below.

Method 1: Update Display Driver

  1. Hold the Windows Key and Press X and proceed to Device Manager.
  2. Find Display Mirroring and Right Click your Screen Adapter.
  3. Choose Update Driver

Pick Search Automatically for Updated Driver, in case it states the Best Drivers on your apparatus are already installed subsequently pick the second choice Look for updated drivers on Windows Update and then click on check for upgrades , if the upgrades finds fresh drivers install them move to Method two .

Method 2: Rollback / Reinstall Display Driver

This technique has worked for any number of individuals, because Runtime is required by a number of different applications and Windows is significantly reliant upon it and if it's simply causing errors with a couple of apps, then it is probably that an incompatiability issue. In cases like this, I recommend Rolling Back to the former version of Screen Adapter and when no preceding versions can be found, then reinstalling an old version from annually to check. In addition, you must be certain that you Stop Windows from automatically updating drivers in case this procedure functions.

  1. Hold the Windows Key and Press X
  2. Pick Device Supervisor . Click your Screen Shots and Decide on the Driver Tab.
  3. Click Roll Back, check after every roll back to determine which model works for you.

4. If none works, then Reinstall the Screen Adapter from the company's website and disable upgrades from installing the driver automatically. ^see link above. When the Procedure 1, and Strategy two Tracking fails you can try reinstalling the V C++ Runtime libraries.

Method 3: Reinstalling Visual C++ Runtime
    1. Press the Windows Key + R, appwiz. Cpl then press Input .
    2. Find the Microsoft Visual C++ apps from the listing.
    3. Select every entrance and click Uninstall.
    4. Download a fresh copy of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime then put in it.
    Method 4: Uninstalling Applications

      Certain applications are reported to induce Visual C++ to wreck Explorer. Uninstalling these applications will solve the matter. You are able to reinstall these applications later to determine if the problem changes.

      1. Press that the Windows Key + R, cpl and then press on Input .

      2. Attempt uninstall the subsequent applications that were listed to have caused difficulties. Else, consider removing the applications that you installed.

      • Visual Studio 2013
      • AutoCAD
      • Bing Desktop

      3. reboot your PC and affirm if the problem has been fixed.

      Method 5: Running Diagnostic
        1. Finish the current Windows Explorer procedures by pressing on Ctrl + Shift + Esc and then selecting the Procedure tab.
        2. Look for Windows Explorer(explorer.exe) in the operating applications, right-click onto it and click on End activity .
        3. Press that the Windows Key + R and kind MdSched and click on OK.
        4. Select Restart today and check for issues .
        5. Follow the wizard to test for and resolve any memory problems.
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