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How to fix “An error occurred while partitioning the disk” in Boot Camp

“An error occurred while partitioning the disk”, how to fix it?

Most Mac OS users attempt to set up Windows 10 in their computer using a tool named Boot Camp. Though running Windows 10 using Boot Camp is comparatively straightforward, sometimes certain mistakes can happen. 1 mistake that consumers documented is An error happened while partitioning the disc, and now we are going to explain to you just how you can repair it.

But, here are a few more problems you can solve with the Very Same options as presented below:

Boot Camp an error occurred while partitioning the disc High Sierra -- Consumers have reported this matter usually occurs in Mac OS High Sierra.
Your disc couldn't be partitioned an error occurred while partitioning the disc -- This is just another partitioning disc error message you will encounter.
Boot Camp partition mistake -- You are able to solve most Boot Camp partitioning mistakes with these alternatives.

Option 1: Switch off FileVault

FileVault is a beneficial feature that encrypts your hard disk and safeguards your information, but this feature can occasionally hinder Boot Camp and cause this error to appear. To determine whether the FileVault is switched on, you have to visit Disk Utility and click on Macintosh HD. From the Properties, you need to watch Format: Encrypted Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

To disable FileVault visit System Preferences > Privacy and Security > FileVault. Click on the padlock and disable FileVault. After disabling FileVault, you need to be able to set up Windows 10 using Boot Camp without any issues.

Few users reported that FileVault was paused in their system and not able to restart for some unknown reason, so the only solution was to reinstall Mac OS.

Option 2: Repair your disc

Users reported that this mistake was a result of directory issues, however, you need to have the ability to correct these issues by simply repairing your disc drive. Before repairing your disc, we suggest that you make a backup in case anything goes wrong. After developing a backup, follow these steps:

  • Launch Disk Utility simply by visiting Programs > Utilities > Disk Utility.
  • From the left-hand panel pick your hard disk and click on Verify Disk.
  • Disk scanning begins and checks your disc drive. Await the scan to finish.
  • When there aren't any documented errors, click on the Repair Disk button.
  • After repairing the disc, attempt to begin Boot Camp again.

There are an additional means to get this done. The next procedure is Somewhat more complex, but You Ought to be able to get it done by following these steps:

  • Start your own Mac in Individual User Mode. You can do this by holding Control + S through the boot procedure.
  • Once the command line reveals, input /sbin/fsck -fy.
  • Wait while the scanning repairs your disc drive.
  • Following the procedure is finished, input exit or reboot.
  • Following your Mac boots, then go to Boot Camp and attempt to set up Windows 10 again.

As you may see, repairing your disc is straightforward, but before you do it, make sure you make a backup just in case. Users reported that the instant method fixed this problem for these, but if you are not an advanced user, use the next procedure only if the first one does not fix your issue.

Some customers are also proposing to boot into Recovery disc by holding Control + R through the boot. Now simply pick Disk Utility, pick your hard disk and then click Repair Disk. Following your disc is repaired, you need to be able to set up Windows 10 with Boot Camp.

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